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Spontaneity is a meticulously prepared art. –Oscar Wilde

Casianos Restaurant’s concept emerges from the pressing need felt by Chef Casiano Reyes to set his creativity free… to break away from the limitations imposed by a set menu and to make a brand new dining experience out of every single opportunity.

Past the learning process, when command of the trade has been achieved, the perception of ingredients and their possibilities acquires new dimensions; thus flavors, textures, temperatures become new again, waiting to be discovered by the chef they face.

From this encounter unique dishes arise, the essence of ingredients captured in every creation, which will come to the dining table as part of a three or five course tasting menu to make up a brand-new dining experience for every diner.

This is what we call Spontaneous Cuisine: There is no menu, no rules…

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The History of Casianos

Chef Casiano Reyes was born in Oaxaca, the capital city of flavors, colors, eclectic forms; where the colonial meets surrealism. It is in this rich cradle where Casiano first came in contact with gastronomy at the age of 14. In 2003 he decides to start his own catering company in Los Cabos, and two years later he brings his experience and his culinary art to a climax in a dream come true, Casianos Restaurant. His specialty: spontaneity.

The concept of Casianos Spontaneous Cuisine arises from the desire to not be limited by a set menu. Chef Casiano Reyes every day chooses with his purveyors, the freshest products and produce of the day, with which he will prepare a 3- or 5-course tasting menu. If he finds a delicious fresh tuna one day, he will create a dish with that special ingredient. Diners at Casianos Restaurant will always enjoy dishes created especially for them.

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San José del Cabo

The cradle of the spontaneous cuisine, Casianos Restaurant Los Cabos was established by chef Casiano Reyes in 2005

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Riviera Nayarit

Located in the exclusive Alamar Beach Club, Casianos Spontaneous Cuisine benefits from its excellent location on a beach

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Puerto Vallarta

Casianos Spontaneous Cuisine Puerto Vallarta enjoys an enviable location on the highest point in the hills south of downtown Puerto Vallarta

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